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How You Can Lower Your Property Tax Rates

What’s one thing you can almost always count on when it comes to property taxes?They are always increasing. Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, that’s exactly what we’ve been noticing. On average, housing prices have shot up 19% and we’ve seen a similar increase reflected in property tax bills. Jack and I were curious if there was

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Is Health Insurance Worth It?

I’ve never bought health insurance before.While it certainly may work better for some than others, my experience in the world of healthcare has often shown me that it’s often not worth it. Let’s first start at the pricing basics. A quick search of any healthcare plan cost will provide the option of a cheaper plan with

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Fear of Cryptocurrency

Hey everybody, today we are talking about the fear of cryptocurrency that some countries have. Watch today’s video to find out why some countries are considering banning crypto. Today’s Video: Jeff: “Banks don’t want it. They want nothing to do with it. What bank do you know that takes bitcoin?” Tom: “None of them, they

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Is Crypto the Future?

Hey guys, today my friend Jeff Walburn and I are discussing something really interesting. We are talking about Cryptocurrency. Specifically, we are debating whether or not we think it will be the main currency that people use in the future. Watch today’s video to find out what we think. Today’s Video: Tom: “Do you think

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