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Why sell with us?

More Money & Less Stress

If you’re thinking about selling you’ve probably started developing a bunch of questions… How do we time the sale? How much will our house worth? How do we make sure we aren’t homeless and scrambling?

All of these are totally normal. You’ve probably heard the horror stories of getting an unqualified buyer that drags everything out or having to find temporary housing between moves.

You may be feeling a little bit of stress and anxiety thinking about the complexity and liabilities that can come with selling a home. After all it’s not an old piece of furniture you’re selling on facebook marketplace, it’s a very expensive asset.

Nobody should go at it alone! We’ve helped hundreds of clients and have never made any of them homeless. One came close, you’ll have to ask us about that one!

The Process

If you want to sell your house and net the most while hitting your timeline and low stress goals you need a plan! A particularly prudent prodigy of a plan!

Preparation is getting your property ready to fall in love with. Next comes Presentation, or how we make it look sexy online to get those wallets lubed up. Then we price it perfectly to get buyers just positively battling over the prospect of calling it their home.

The Result

If you do this correctly you’ll net top dollar, dispel that anxiety and not be homeless. We can guide you through the entire process. If you feel as if the whole process was too easy, that’s when we know we’ve nailed it!

We have a passion for helping our clients make their move to the next chapter of their lives. We guarantee you’ll be happy or you can dump us like a bag of used toilet paper brushes. Seriously, there is no obligation to us when you sell.

If you’re ready to get rid of that anxiety and start planning we would love to chat with you. Click the button below to sign up for a 15 minute no obligation, ask a million questions if you want, strategy session today!

Buying Again?

Tom’s Texas Realty has an internal buyer program and referral network, allowing them the ability to offer some of lowest listing fees in their area. These programs include

  • ReloRadar – exclusive access to upcoming sellers
  • SmartBuy – access to houses you won’t find on the MLS
  • MoveUp – save thousands when buying new construction

Selling a Specialty Home?

If you’ve got a unique property, we have unique marketing techniques, to get the attention of the right buyers. Surely you’ve seen some of them. If not, enjoy the banana.

Most importantly our service does not end at the closing of your home. We strongly believe in personal growth and building wealth. Whether you are looking to invest, learn about investing, need a good plumber, or just someone to bounce an idea off of we are here.

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