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Moving From California to Texas

Moving to Texas? The right neighborhood, timing and having local connections will greatly reduce your stress.

You have to find a house, contract a house, find movers, setup utilities and get connected. The amount of responsibility and stress can be overwhelming. We have a plan.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of buyers and understand for the out of state buyer not only do you have the typical challenges to navigate such as 

  • How Texas Home Loans Work
  • How Buying a House in Texas Works
  • Finding the right home
  • Ensure the house is in good condition

As an out of State Buyer these concerns are amplified from not knowing the area as well and other circumstances

  • Choosing the right city and neighborhood
  • Timing the Purchase and Move
  • How Property Taxes Work
  • Getting Connected (business, community and contractors)

The last thing you want is to get to Texas and be homeless or buy a property in a bad location. It all starts with a good plan!

 We’ve created an Out of State Buyer’s Checklist for moving To Texas. This will help you stay organized along your journey. 

We’ve also created a Buyer’s Guide for those families moving from California to Texas so you can get a jump start on understanding the challenges that lay ahead and how to conquer them.

We would love chat if you’ve got time for a 15 Minute Strategy Session to discuss your timeline and goals but if you’re not quite ready for that you can sign up to receive our Checklist and Guide. This will also sign you up for our newsletter that has clips from our podcast and great information about the area!


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