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Fear of Cryptocurrency

Hey everybody, today we are talking about the fear of cryptocurrency that some countries have. Watch today’s video to find out why some countries are

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Is Crypto the Future?

Hey guys, today my friend Jeff Walburn and I are discussing something really interesting. We are talking about Cryptocurrency. Specifically, we are debating whether or

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The US Dollar is Imaginary

Hey everybody, today I am revealing something that many people probably do not realize. The US dollar is imaginary. What exactly does that mean? Watch

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Pyramid Acres, Fort Worth

Hey everyone, today we are shining our neighborhood spotlight on Pyramid Acres, just south of Fort Worth. All of the houses in this neighborhood are

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Upgrading a Bathroom

Hey everybody, today we are discussing what you should be adding to a bathroom that you are renovating. Bathrooms can sell houses, and if you add

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How to Negotiate Well

Hey everyone, today I am going to share three easy tips that will help you negotiate well. Often, negotiating can seem like a daunting task,

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