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Tom's Tips

Is Health Insurance Worth It?

I’ve never bought health insurance before.While it certainly may work better for some than others, my experience in the world of healthcare has often shown

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Real Estate Q&A

As we jump full steam ahead into the new year, we can’t wait to explore what real estate has in store for you. A huge

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Should You Sell Your House?

Hey everyone, the new episode of Tom Talks is out now! This week we cover the new apartments coming to Hemphill Street,  highway expansions in Fort

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We Started a Podcast!

Hey everyone, we recently started a podcast called Tom Talks! Join me and Jack Lisenby every week as we cover interesting local news stories, finances, and updates

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Fear of Cryptocurrency

Hey everybody, today we are talking about the fear of cryptocurrency that some countries have. Watch today’s video to find out why some countries are

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Is Crypto the Future?

Hey guys, today my friend Jeff Walburn and I are discussing something really interesting. We are talking about Cryptocurrency. Specifically, we are debating whether or

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