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We Started a Podcast!

Hey everyone, we recently started a podcast called Tom Talks! Join me and Jack Lisenby every week as we cover interesting local news stories, finances, and updates on the housing market here in Fort Worth.

Full episodes will be uploaded every Thursday, so be sure to follow Tom Talks on Apple Podcasts and Spotify to make sure you never miss an episode. You can also watch the full video for each podcast on Youtube or here on our blog. Also, make sure to follow our TikTok and Instagram pages where we will be posting highlights from each episode throughout the week.

The first two episodes are available now! Watch down below or follow any of the links above to listen!

Episode 1: Introductions and a Very Interesting House

In this episode, we will introduce ourselves and discuss the new fast pass system at DFW Airport, a very interesting house for sale in Dallas that was found on Zillow, and an update on the local housing market.

Episode 2: Plane Crashes and The Stonegate Mansion

In this episode, we are talking about multiple plane crashes in Texas, more companies moving to DFW, the Stonegate Mansion, and how the Federal Reserve is affecting the housing market.

Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come!


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