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Home Selling Process Step 1 – Pre Listing

Step1 PreListing


Thank you for trusting us with your the sell of your property, we are looking forward to working with you! Throughout this process we are going to keep you up to date with what to expect each step of the process. This can seem overwhelming so we are going to break it down each step of the way.

Please take the time to read each of the emails we send you, they contain very important information! We will toss in videos where we can to make it easier on you. Our goal is to make your experience so awesome you want to write us a review and recommend your friends and family to chose us as their Realtors.

In the Pre Listing stage of the process we are getting the house ready to market. This is the part where we make it sleak and shiny. Just as if you were selling your car, you’d want to clean it out, wash it and detail that puppy. We are going to do the same thing with your house!

Staging – If your property requires staging we will provide a stager. Our stager will schedule a time prior to pictures.  You will need approximately 1-2 hours depending on the size of your home to spending with the Stager. They will give you a homework list of what items need to be removed, and where to place furniture and decorations. Our stager does not provide furniture.

Pictures – We strategically list our homes on Thursday which means photos need to be done no later than Wednesday before the listing as there is a 24 hour turnaround.We will send out a professional photographer. They will only take about 15 minutes or so to shoot the house. We will be doing a virtual tour shoot that takes about an hour. Here are tips for preparing your home on photo day.

  1. You get one opportunity to make sure your house is presentable for the Internet world to see. Please have it neat and tidy.
  2. Please make sure pets are placed in a secure area.
  3. Open all blinds.
  4. Lights add a soft ambience to the photos we take. Please turn your lights on and we will turn them off for you.
  5. Remove any vehicles from the driveway
  6. Have the exterior of the house neat and tidy as we will be shooting both the front yard and the backyard.
  7. Give your garbage collectors the day off! (you’ll have to be elected mayor of the city to pull this one off.

Selling Points – While us Realtors are pretty good at writing fluff pieces, you know your home and community better than anyone else. If there are any selling points we should be aware of such as nearby charter schools, yearly community events, amenities, and of course house features that separate yours from other homes in the area please reply to this email and let us know!

Documents Needed – In addition to the listing documents we send you, there are a few documents we need from you prior to listing the property to make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Sellers Disclosure – This document can be filled out electronically or it may be easier to print it out. This is commonly required in contracts and gives the buyer an additional out in the contract if the Sellers Disclosure not provided up front.

  • Survey – This is a negotiable item in the contract. If you have a current survey there is a good chance it can be used and not be an expense for either buyer or seller. A new survey typically cost $400-600

  • Reports and Warranties – If you have had foundation work, roof repairs or any other major work done to the house, receipts, reports and warranties are fantastic things to provide to the buyer to give them confidence


If you want to read ahead, you can view the next step here.


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