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Home Selling Process – Step 2 Go Live

Step2 Go Live

It’s an exciting day! We are live on the market!

Our Administrator will send you a copy of the listing for you to look over the details and description. Please take the time to read it over and let us know if you would like any changes. Again, you know your home and community better than anyone.

We provide Centralized Showing Service (CSS) to schedule showings. They are a 24-7 concierge service that will coordinate with you on scheduling agents to show their clients your property. By default we require an hours notice and your approval to show the home. CSS will text you first and call if you don’t respond within 5 minutes. If we have not discussed doing something different than this and you would like change how this is done, please let us know. We can make adjustments at any time.

A lot of agents try and schedule their showings the day of. We recommend when you leave the house each day that it is in showing condition. You never know when the next buyer is the one!

How Feedback Works
We will attempt to get feedback from each listing. An email survey is sent out after the showing. If the agent has responded by the next day we will call each day after to get feedback. If you would like feedback as it comes in please let us know, otherwise we will aggregate the weeks feedback and send it to you in our weekly report each Tuesday. At this point we will discuss the data and plan for the following week.

Now that we have pictures we will be ordering postcards, running our social media campaigns and putting our personalized webpages together.

At this point we should have scheduled for an open house the first weekend your property is on the market. If we have not established a time please give our Administrator a call so we can get it setup. Please make plans to be out of the house during this time as we want potential buyers to feel at ease when walking the property and give honest feedback.

Once we get an offer we will have a call to discuss each item!

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