Did you know that there is a specific time of the week that you should list your house to ensure that more people see it? Watch today’s video to find out when you should list your house to maximize exposure.

Today’s Video:

“Here’s one easy hack to increase how much you sell your house for. This is a trick the top realtors use to sell their houses for more. Now, before I tell you what this is, you need to internalize this: nothing sells for more money with less exposure.

So, the first thing that we do is pre-market our houses to let people know they’re coming well before we actually put them on the market. Then, we always go live on a Thursday. You may say, ‘Tom, why Thursday?’ Almost every website triggers an automatic email that goes out when a new property hits the market. This usually happens in the morning, so Friday morning those emails go out, people make plans for the weekend, and they come and look at a bunch of houses. The idea here is to push as many people through in one weekend as possible, leading to multiple offers, having those offers compete which pushes the price up and gets you the most out of your house.”

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Tom Jung is a Realtor with Epic National Realty. He is a Fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2009, graduating with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. His unique background makes online marketing a breeze and for that reason specializes in selling homes for more.

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