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New Construction Neighborhood Ventana

Hey guys, today for our new development tour we are looking at Ventana. This is a new construction neighborhood with four builders that are currently building homes here. Watch the video to find out all you need to know about this neighborhood.

Today’s Video:

“Hey guys, we’re out here at Ventana today. This is a new construction neighborhood as you can see behind me. It is on the Southwest side of Fort Worth and it has a ton of amenities. It has a playground, walking trails, and a swimming pool.

There are four builders out here that are building currently. There’s Trophy Signature Homes. They are a production builder and you can pick out the palette that you want to have. Right now, they’re selling about four to five a month.  They’re limiting the amount that they’re selling. In addition to that, you have Tri-Pointe Homes and Perry Homes. These are both production builders that let you do a lot of customization. Then, back behind me on my left is Meritage Homes. They’re building in their own phase, and then to the right, you actually have all the other builders, so there’s a lot of options out here. If you’d like to come check this out, hit us up, we’d love to help you.”

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