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Home Selling Process – Step 3 Under Contract

Step3 Under Contract

We are under contract! We are halfway there! During this time the buyer will have the option to inspect the home and do their due diligence. According to the contract you must allow them to inspect the home at reasonable times. All utilities must be kept on through closing of the home.

After their inspections they will most likely submit an amendment for repairs or a concession. It is extremely rare that a house is perfect or close enough the buyer does not ask for something.

My job is to get to know as much about the buyers as possible, their motivation and how we can negotiate during this time to be most favorable to you. Doing as many real estate transactions as we do here at Tom’s Texas Realty we have good insight to what is a reasonable ask, what is not and how little we can give in order to keep the contract and get us to the finish line. Once we have the amendment we will have a call to discuss the items.


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