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Historic Fairmount Neighborhood

Hey everyone, today we are looking at the historic Fairmount neighborhood in Fort Worth. This neighborhood spotlight will tell you some of the best parts of living in this neighborhood. Fairmount has a great location and a friendly community, but that’s not all.  This neighborhood has so much to offer. Watch today’s video to find out more!

Today’s Video:

“Hey guys, we’re in Fairmount today. This is a historic neighborhood near downtown Fort Worth. What’s really neat about this neighborhood is most of these homes were built in the early 1900s, so there is a ton of character here. One of the other really cool things about this neighborhood is there are a ton of sidewalks and big oak trees so you have a ton of shade. On a nice day, you will see out walking or taking a bicycle ride. What’s really neat is the neighbors here actually get to know one another.

Another thing that’s really attractive about this neighborhood is that it’s right next to the medical district and on the north side, you’ve got Magnolia. It’s a road with a bunch of restaurants and shops. Like I mentioned before, most of these homes were built in the early 1900s and you’re going to see a lot of things that are original to the house. A lot of times you’ll see the doorknobs, the light fixtures, people preserve those here. So if you’re thinking about moving to a neighborhood like this one, please do give us a shout, we’d love to help you on that home search.

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