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What Are Some Green Flags You See When Looking at a New Property?

Hey guys, last Wednesday we talked about some specific red flags that stick out to me. This week, we are going to talk about some green flags that I notice when looking at a new property. A green flag is the opposite of a red flag. It’s something that I’ll notice that tells me the house is very likely in good shape. Watch the video to find out more.

Today’s Video:

“Hey guys, so last week we talked about the red flags that we see at a property and I had somebody ask me, ‘Tom, what are the green flags? What are the things you want to see when viewing a property?’ We’re going to take you in and show you a couple of those.

Look at the little things like the baseboards. If the baseboards are super crisp and clean, that tells you the house was well maintained, or that these people didn’t have kids. There are also big things like this addition that they put in. This nice sidewalk. A lot of times you’ll see really nice landscaping. That tells you that they love this house enough to invest into it.

These are some of the green flags that I look for when first viewing a property. If you have other questions, please put them in the comments, we’d love to answer them. ”

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