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Fort Worth Alliance Everything You Need to Know

fort worth alliance neighborhood

The Fort Worth Alliance area, also known as the Alliance Corridor or Alliance Texas, offers several compelling reasons to consider moving there. Watch our videos to learn more about the area including schools, crime, location, dining and more! 

Pros and Cons of Living in Fort Worth TX - Alliance Area

Top 5 Pros to living in Fort Worth Alliance:

  1. Job opportunities: the alliance area is a thriving economic hub with a strong presence of industries such as aviation, logistics, and manufacturing. This translates to numerous job opportunities and the potential for career growth. 
  2. Affordability: compared to some other parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the alliance area offers relatively affordable housing options. The cost of living may be lower, allowing residents to stretch their budget further. 
  3. Quality Education: the alliance area is served by the highly regarded Keller and Northwest Independent School District. The districts consistently receives high ratings and offers excellent educational opportunities for students from elementary through high school. 
  4. Infrastructure and Amenities: the Fort Worth Alliance area boasts modern infrastructure and a wide range of amenities. Well-planned neighborhoods, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options are readily available. 
  5. Community and Safety: It offers a suburban lifestyle that appeals to many individuals and families seeking a peaceful and safe environment. The area has a lower crime rate compared to more urbanized parts of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, providing residents with a sense of security.

Top 5 Cons to living in Fort Worth Alliance: 

  1. Commute to Downtown Dallas: The Alliance area is located at a considerable distance from downtown Dallas. If you work or frequently visit the city center, commuting times can be longer and may result in increased travel expenses and time spent in traffic.
  2. Limited Public Transportation: Public transportation options in the Alliance area are relatively limited compared to more urbanized areas. While there are some bus services available, the reliance on personal vehicles is higher. 
  3. Suburban Lifestyle: The Alliance area has a predominantly suburban feel, which may not appeal to those who prefer a more vibrant, urban environment. While it does have some nightlife you’ll need to drive 20-30 minutes to the stockyards or west 7th.
  4. Extreme Weather: Like many parts of Texas, the Fort Worth Alliance area experiences hot and humid summers. The intense heat and humidity can be uncomfortable for some individuals. Additionally, severe weather events such as thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes are a possi