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Find New Homes For Under $300,000

It can be extremely difficult to find new houses for a reasonable price, but they do exist. Today let’s take a look at six different new communities in Fort Worth where you can find a house for under $300,000. 

This list was originally compiled by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. See their article here.

Palmilla Springs
This community is right off of I-30 going west towards Weatherford. Houses in this community start at around $280,000. There are a couple of builders in this neighborhood including HistoryMaker and Sandlin. These builders are able to offer lower prices because they build their houses with very simple layouts and materials and allow buyers to pay for upgrades. 

Personally, I don’t really love this business model because it allows for a lot of variety between houses because many buyers will choose different upgrades. This results in a wide range of home values in one community, which makes it less stable price-wise. 

Newberry Point
This community is located about 15 miles south of downtown Fort Worth and includes houses built by Centex. Prices in this neighborhood start at around $298,000, which puts it just under the upper end of this price point. These are some of the best mass-production houses that you can find.

Godley Ranch
This community is also built primarily by HistoryMaker homes and is located southwest of downtown Fort Worth. Houses in this community start at around $288,000. This community is in a quickly developing area of Fort Worth. Currently, there is not a lot out there but the location is popular because of the land that is available. If you can get a house there now, it is likely that the houses will appreciate greatly. 

Another community I like down in this area is DoubleRock homes. I don’t know if they will have anything under $300,000, but these houses are high quality. If you can find one within your price range, I would say you can’t go wrong with these guys.

Enchanted Bay
I had never heard of this community before looking through this list. These houses are built by a company called Legend homes. I have never worked with them personally so I cannot speak to their quality, but they are building near Lake Arlington, southeast of downtown Fort Worth. These houses will start at around $240,000. They must have gotten the land cheap enough to offer a price this low. That’s the only way I can imagine how they’re able to offer such a low price. 

Harston Woods
This community is out near Euless, almost 15 miles east of downtown. Houses here start at $190,000. They are 30 feet wide manufactured homes, which is why the price is so low. The only thing that I wanted to figure out but couldn’t was whether or not you own the land that the house is on. 

Indwell Homes
These houses are built by Indwell and start at around $250,000. They are located nearly 30 miles northwest of Fort Worth in a town called Springtown. I’ve heard a lot of great things from a lot of people about this upcoming area. 

These are the main communities where you will be able to find houses under $300,000 in the Fort Worth area. There is quite a bit of variety in these houses so hopefully, you will be able to find something you like for a reasonable price. 

If you need any help finding a house you like in your price range or just have some questions, reach out to us! We would love to help you find what you’re looking for.

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