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Flip Partnerships

Let us partner with you on your flip!

Want To Flip A House, But Don't Know Where To Begin?

Let us help! We’ve been flipping houses for years and we would love to partner with you on your project! 

Simply submit the address of the property you would like to flip and we will do whatever we can to help you out! We would be happy to guide you throughout the entire renovation process to give you advice, answer your questions, and show you how an agent with years of experience flips houses!

Submit Your Information Here:

What's In It For Us?

You may be wondering, “Why would they offer to partner with me on a flip? What’s in it for them?”

Our primary goal is to help educate people on how they can responsibly invest in real estate. The best way to learn is by gaining experience, but many people struggle to get started. We understand that getting started can often be intimidating and our hope is that by partnering with you, we can minimize the risk involved from a financial standpoint. Let us act as your training wheels! 

There are two different ways that our company makes money to fund this partnership program. If we walk alongside you through the entire flip process, when we sell the house we will split the profit 50/50. Alternatively, we will give you $5,000 at the start for the house and take care of the flip ourselves.