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What Are Some of the Biggest Red Flags?

If you are considering buying an older house, it is important to recognize things that may cause problems in the future. Today, I am going to share with you the biggest red flags that stand out to me when I look at an older property for the first time.  Watch the video below to learn what you should look out for.

Today’s Video:

“Hey guys, I get the question a lot, ‘What are some of the biggest red flags when buying a house?’ I’m going to show you a couple of those today. Cracks. If you look at this one, this is a straight line across the top, not that big of a deal. This is a big deal. See how it’s diagonal? This means that there are foundation issues.

Cast iron pipes. This was typically used in older homes and it’s not used anymore; they use PVC. You can tell if yours is cast iron by the cleanout behind the kitchen sink. The reason this is important is because it becomes very brittle as it gets older, so if you’ve had foundation issues, it can crack underneath your foundation. We can see here, they have already replaced the pipe because these are PVC cleanouts. What we don’t know is how far that pipe goes in that they replaced, or does it just go from here to the end of the street. If you’re going to buy a house with cast iron pipes, I highly recommend you get a plumber out here to run a camera down the line so you can see if there are any cracks in it.

Under your awnings here, you can see this has been patched. That means you’ve had squirrels in your attic.

Those are all the red flags we saw here today, so go ahead and follow and stay tuned for more.”

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