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Bella Crossing, Fort Worth

Hey everyone, today for our new development tour we are looking at Bella Crossing. This is a new extension at Bella Ranch, southwest of Fort Worth. This neighborhood is made up of acre-sized lots and all the houses are custom-built. Watch the video below to find out more!

Today’s Video:

“Hey guys, we’re out here at Bella Crossing today. This is a brand new neighborhood, it’s an extension of Bella Ranch. It’s on the southwest side of Fort Worth. These are all going to be custom homes in here. The lot sizes are an acre and more, and the houses are a minimum of 3200 square feet. If you’re going to be building in here, expect to be paying $600,000 and up. They’re all custom builds, except for a few spec homes that are being built here and there, so you can find those from time to time, but if you’re interested in buying out here or want to know more, give us a shout, we’d love to talk to you.”

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