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Before and After: Bathroom & Bedroom

Hey everyone, today we are looking at the newly renovated bathroom and bedrooms from Tom’s most recent flip. There were a lot of improvements that we needed to make here, but the end product looks fantastic. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Today’s Video:

Many things needed to be updated in the bathroom. Here’s what we did. We put in new flooring; removed the shelves above the toilet; installed a new toilet, tub, and sink; completely redid the shower tiles; and redid the walls. In the first bedroom, we put in new floors; installed new doors, new windows, and a new fan; fixed the hole in the ceiling;  and repainted the walls. In the second bedroom, we removed a wall to make the room larger, installed new flooring, and repainted the walls.

This house was no small task as just about everything needed to be updated, but we are proud of the way that it turned out. If you want to stay up to date with our flips or learn tips about housing and finance, follow our social media pages.

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