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50 Foot Lots VS. 60 Foot Lots

Hey y’all, today on our very first installment of Tom’s Tips and Tidbits, we are going to be looking at some of the key differences between (new construction) homes on 50 foot lots and homes on 60 foot lots. Most neighborhoods will have both lot sizes available, so it is important to know the key differences between them.

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“Hey guys, here’s today’s tip for you. If you’re looking at a new home, you want to check out the layout of the neighborhood. A lot of times, neighborhoods will have different-sized lots. Like, here we’re looking at 60 foot wide lots, these are a little bit larger than normal. Typically, you have 50 foot wide lots in most neighborhoods and so these (60ft) are going to be your nicer houses. Most of the time they are going to be more expensive, but it may be worth it.

We’ll show you some 50 foot wide lots and show you the difference in the caliber of house. So, one of the things you are going to find in the 50-foot section is you’ll see that the landscaping and the lawn care are not quite as nice. Not only that but you’re going to see a lot of cars parked out on the street. Lot size is definitely one of those things that you should factor in when you are looking to buy your next house.”

Pro Tip:  Take note when you are looking at a neighborhood layout. If the 50 and 60 foot lots are mixed in together and you can build a house of similar quality on a 50-foot lot and save $50,000 when it comes time to sell most buyers won’t know the difference and you can capture more appreciation.

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